You and health,   DAA  cares 

Welcome to the Dutch Acupuncture Academy (DAA), a place for excellent education and the key to your success!  


DAA, is based in the Netherlands and is powered by the European Academy of Traditional Medical Science (EATMS), which has leading elite educators in acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine, domestically and internationally. 

DAA is accredited by SNRO, a national accreditation organization on complementary and alternative medicine, and Dutch Association of  Traditional Chinese Medicine NVTCG ZHONG in the Netherlands.


Finding a TCM school in the Netherlands is not difficult, but finding a school with core values in exceptional education and individual hands-on training can be challenging. DAA proudly offers these to our students.


Our leading professors and lecturers have over 30 years of experience in education and clinical expertise in acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and conventional medicine.  They are educational experts in the classroom, in clinical practice, and in addressing patient's concerns. You will not be able to find a comparable educational institute in Europe.   


 By offering well-designed education programs on Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tuina and Medical Qigong, DAA and EATMS we give you the tools to gain an advantage through our specialized personal training.


Our advanced professional education programs have been appreciated by hundreds of TCM practitioners from the Netherlands and other European countries.


DAA, We take care of you and your health. 

Directors of the Board,

Drs. Ing. M.H.S. Tjin-A-Koeng,  L. Chen, C. MD.,  T. Ren, PhD., 

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