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Foundation of Traditional Chinese medicine: 1st year 
- the new milestone of your future 

Minimum admission requirement for this course:

 Graduated from secondary school which is equivalent to Dutch HAVO, VWO

        level with sufficient language ability to follow the courses in English or Dutch.

Class Schedule: 10:00 am - 17:00 


September 04+05; October 09+10; November 06+07; Dec. 04+05


January 08+09; February 05+06; March 05+06; April 09+10; May 14+15; June 11+12

Exam: July 02+03 

Lecturers: Weixiang Wang, Jie li, Fengli Yao, Zhigang Yang, Marlon Tjin-A-Koeng

FTF Lecture address: Dé Plek Haarlem, Waarderweg 19, 2031 BN Haarlem

Congratulations! you decide to study Chinese medicine which has contributed to our health for over 4000 years. 

The course "Foundation of Chinese Medicine"will be a combination of virtual class (7 weekends)and physical study (3 weekends). 

Doctor Checking a Form

 The main Contents of virtual class includes:

  • Ancient Philosophy of Chinese Medicine: the importance of harmonisation between nature, human beings and cosmos. 

  • Bridge the east with the west: evidence based medicine.  

  • Fundamental Theories of Chinese Medicine such as Yin and Yang, Five Elements, Meridians. 

  • Physiology of Chinese Medicine: Essence, Qi, Blood and Body Fluids

  • Internal Organ System of Chinese Medicine: Zang Fu theory and their interactions. 

  • Etiology of Chinese Medicine: Six pathogenic factors; Excessive emotional activities; Improper life styles; Ageing; Improper medications and therapies; Traumatic injuries.  

  • Pathogenesis of Chinese Medicine: Body Constitution Theory; Predominance of pathogenic factors or anti-pathogenic Qi; 

  • Diagnosis of Chinese Medicine: four basic diagnostic methods including tongue diagnosis and pulse diagnosis; Diagnostic methods based on pattern differentiation for internal organs, meridians, Qi, blood and body fluid, and mind activities etc. 

  •  Therapeutic principle of Chinese Medicine: balance of treatment and prevention. 

  • Patients communication:  a professional attitude as a therapist. 

Physiotherapists Training

 The main contents of the practical class:

  - First contact with your patients 

  - Feel the body by heart 

  - Practical physical examination 

  - Pulse diagnosis 

  - Tongue diagnosis 

  -  Read the body language of the patients 

  - Patients communication  and customer maintenance  

Recommended Books:

-  Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Cheng Xinnong

-  The Foundation of Chinese Medicine, Giovanni Maciocia

-  Practical Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tietao Deng

-  Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis, Barbara Kirschbaum

-  Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine a comprehensive guide, Giovanni Maciocia

-  The secret of Chinese Pulse diagnosis, Bod Flaws

-  Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chen Ping

-  The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine, Maosheng Ni

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