Structure of Acupuncture & TCM Education

Acupuncture . Herbal Medicine . Tuina 

Year one: the milestone of a new profession 


If medicine is a totally new field for you, you might have doubts where you should start to learn a one-year foundation of Western Medicine and Psychology, or begin from the one-year foundation of Chinese medicine? 

We may advise you based on a free assessment please contact us with an email. 

Year Two & Three: Choose from your heart 

Most of our students choose to study Acupuncture from the second year which take 2 years. Some students are in favour of Chinese herbal medicine or Tuina, both of them take 2 years respectively. 

Postgraduate and Professional coaching 

After you graduate from DAA, you get an one-year coaching from our team about your practice, complicated cases and further professional development education by European Academy of Traditional Medical Science (EATMS)