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Practical Application of Classical Chinese Herbal Formulae  

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ZHONG accredited: 60 NAPs for Cat. 1 for Acupuncturist, Tuina therapists and Herbalist 

Lecture dates: 14/15 March 2020;  18/19 April; 23/24 May; 13/14 June; 4July. 12/13 Sept.; 3/4 Oct. 7/8 Nov;12/13 Dec. 2020; 16/17 Jan. 2021.

Tuition fees: 1200 euro 

Lecture location: Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam

Lecturers: Prof. Fengli Yao; Prof. Zhigang Yang, Prof. Cheng Qian,  Prof. Jie Li, Prof. T. Ren, Prof. L. Chen,   Prof. Weixiang Wang 

Chinese Herbal Medicine supports the treatment of many diseases, but it requires great ambition and willingness to learn the 350 herbs, their Chinese names, and formulae.

 This 10 days education Program is a great fit for the acupuncturists, Tuina therapists and herbalists wanting to offer ready-made herbal formulae, to facilitate your daily clinical practice on diverse modern diseases. 

If this is what you are looking for, make sure to sign up today or feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

our most popular program
Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal m
Pre-Professional Clinical Education (PPCE)

- A unique education for the new acupuncture graduates and new practitioners 

 Accredited by Dutch Association of Traditional Chinese (NVTCG Zhong) for 3 years 108 NAPs cover all categories.

Program starts from January 2020

This is a traditional hand-in-hand clinical education before you start your TCM career. It is manditory for new practitioners to have intensive internship training both in the hospitals of western medicine and Chinese medicine field. Thanks for the Education and Science Committee of Dutch Association of TCM accredits and fully supports to this pioneer clinical education program. Successful participants get exemption for their 3 years continue education in all categories according to Zhong's NAPs criteria.  

Mentor: Prof. Dr. Weixiang Wang

Duration: 4 - 6 months based on 2 days per week.

Tuition fees: 2400 euro

Congratulations! You have got your first TCM diploma. 

This clinical education will bring you more confidence to start your own practice, help your future independent practice and be ready to confront a variety of complex conditions. 

During this 4-6 months clinical education, You will work closely with Prof. Dr. Weixiang Wang to deal with daily routine clinical work. 

Pre-Professional Clinical Education (PPCE), based on traditional Mentor-Protege relationship, provides extra personal support to those who wish to join or just become a member of NVTCG Zhong, upon finishing their TCM study. 

Indispensable practical training is given to the graduates in order to combine their TCM and Western Medicine knowledge to "real clinic work" and to get involved with all aspects of practice.

PPCE targets to complement your experience with in-depth knowledge, which is crucial for the success of a TCM practitioner.

Participants are required to finish certain cases analysis and get feedback from the mentor, and a summary report upon finishing the whole training. In the meantime they will get extra time to sit together with the mentor to discuss their interested cases and topics every other Friday morning during the education period besides additional 3 years free online consultation about their patients. 

Thanks to the board and Education committee of NVTCG Zhong for recognizing the value in giving this additional quality of training to their members, for appreciating the importance of pre-professional clinical training, and for giving their full support to this pioneering programme. 

NVTCG Zhong demands that TCM professionals stay up-to-date with TCM by studying and gaining Postgraduate Education Points. This invaluable training that the PPCE offers, meets the NAPS requirements for 3 years in category 1, 2 and 3. 

This professional duty will NOT be conceived as a burden when you see what our postgraduate education is offering. 

fully booked
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Accredited by NVTCG Zhong 

Date of lectures:  11+12 Jan. 2020; 8+9 Feb.; 7+8 March; 18+19 April; 9+10 May; 13+14 June; 4+5 July. 5+6 September; 3+4 Oct. 7+8 Nov.2020.  

Exam Date: 28 Nov. 2020 

Course fee: € 2.000,– including exams, study material,  internship. 

Course Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Weixiang Wang    


  • Our Chinese Tuina Program tends to fill up fast, so make sure to sign up today to reserve your spot. Curious to learn more about this program?

  • - You’ll experience a different kind of education!

  • As Acupuncturists become more experienced, they often realize that needling alone does not always give satisfying therapeutic effects one had hoped for. This is the case for quite a number of diseases such as headache, migraine, hypertension, insomnia, poor memory, intestinal disorders, just to name a few. 

  • For pediatric disorders, it is not easy or completely safe to puncture babies and small children, as they wriggle around, nor is this always excepted by the parents. 

  • Tuina can offer a different solution and another “tool for the box”

  • It can be applied independently or combined with acupuncture or herbal medicine.

  • This accredited diploma education of Tuina therapy is for acupuncturists and herbal medicine practitioners, as well as acupuncture students who are in their final year of study. The course is extremally practical, with the main emphasis on the practice of the manipulations and clinical application.

  • This elite training programme consists of a small group, which will allow more focus on hand-on practical education and disease-to-disease treatment with step-by-step guidance, in addition to mandatory theoretical knowledge based on accreditation.  This course gives a clear guide on when and how to combine Tuina with other TCM therapies in order to reinforce the effects, which ensures that the participants would be able to apply what they have learned, directly into their practice.



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