Year 1: Foundation of Chinese medicine 

 Main Contents: 

  • Ancient Philosophy of Chinese Medicine: the importance of harmonisation between nature, human beings and cosmos. 

  • Bridge the east with the west: evidence based medicine.  

  • Fundamental Theories of Chinese Medicine such as Yin and Yang, Five Elements, Meridians. 

  • Physiology of Chinese Medicine: Essence, Qi, Blood and Body Fluids

  • Internal Organ System of Chinese Medicine: Zang Fu theory and their interactions. 

  • Etiology of Chinese Medicine: Six pathogenic factors; Excessive emotional activities; Improper life styles; Ageing; Improper medications and therapies; Traumatic injuries.  

  • Pathogenesis of Chinese Medicine: Body Constitution Theory; Predominance of pathogenic factors or anti-pathogenic Qi; 

  • Diagnosis of Chinese Medicine: four basic diagnostic methods including tongue diagnosis and pulse diagnosis; Diagnostic methods based on pattern differentiation for internal organs, meridians, Qi, blood and body fluid, and mind activities etc. 

  •  Therapeutic principle of Chinese Medicine: balance of treatment and prevention. 

  • Patients communication:  a professional attitude as a therapist. 

 Contents of the Practical training:

 Pulse diagnosis 

 Tongue diagnosis 

 Physical examination 

 Patients communication  

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